Monday, March 17, 2008


This is my comeback post.

Not that anyone cares. But i mentioned in a previous post, i love believing someone out there is actively entertained by my verbal dysentry.

At this point, i deem it fit to explain my hiatus from planet blog. My heart, stained by tears and hurt, found solace in the washing machine, with the foaming fury and empty churning. It is now on the clothesline, drying out emotions.

Febraury 2008 taught me a few things though. Important lessons about being alive and how sometimes you would be better off being dead. And in this month, I could have got wrinkles and black hair (gone white with wisdom, promptly dyed black).

Things i know now...

1) If its a boy, even someone you have known since you wore cotton panties, dont depend on him. Unless you are now offering him your lace panties and everything underneath. Emotions, crying, holding on tight, leaning on heavy and toilet seat down are issues beyond the cognitive purview of the darker sex. And without the bonking. Hah!

2)They love me. Long before the tears melted the heart, they heard me sigh. They called to soothe me, only heard me sob. It hurt them so bad, they slammed doors with frustration. The shoulders that i was so used to, painfully away. Unhuggably far. (Fdyi, wipe your eyes)

3) Moving on to more practical problems , make up does nothing for your snot-infested face. Swollen, puffy eyes add a touch of glam and quivering lips foaming with saliva complete the look. I once met Disaster that looked better.

4) Not a good idea. Ignoring two wise souls, who recognise my heartbeat. Who are my raison d' etre. Pillars of strength. And unfathomably generous with their love. To Ma and Pa, who gave me the kerchief when the tissues went limp with exhaustion.

5) Sex can be an antidote to a breakup. Ugly, cheap bastards looking for a fuck can be an antidote to sex. Shag your ex.

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