Sunday, March 30, 2008


Sex is overrated.

From the time our parents fumbled uncomfortably with birds,bees, pollen, stork and other animal kingdom antics to explain our magical apperance on this planet- to nervous giggles in school, wide-eyed wonder at biology books, not much has changed. We still have so many emotions attached to sex. Maybe more us women than the cock-holders.

I ponder aimlessly sometime about such inane things. Like:

If we knew from the very beginning, i mean from the time the guy checked out our rack and studied us as a potential mate, that he wanted sex. Would we still do the whole flowers, no first date sex, the various bases, and the no-basis break ups? Or simplify it. He wants sex, i want sex. Is he ok to sleep with? (You know check the penis rating, disease quotient etc.) And if hes ok, will we just do it? Do we women have to continously, and most of the time to duck the 'slut' label, assure and convince ourselves, that he will fall in love with us? Or that there is more to it than the sex?

Does it strike you as funny that people have the best bed-breaking sex post a verbally abusive and volatile we-are-over fight? Whats the deal with that? and would this mean that a revolutionary approach in anger management is in the making?

Why is there no male equivalent of wham-bam-thank you ma'm? Is it to say that we women are not noisy enough to create the sound the likes of wham bam or that its ok for us women to forget our niceties post sex?

Sex is most fun when you love someone. Some man, pissed drunk and doing the roadside lady for a paltry sum, with a great sense of humour said this. Imagine his surprise when people took this to a whole new level. He wakes up one morning to find that people, due to lack of their own intelligence and miniscule depth of thinking, think that the statement holds true. The by-products we find till this date. Valentines Day, dating websites, blind dates, networking. All to meet someone to have great sex with.

Whats sexy lingerie got to do with sex? This is complicated. You wear sexy lingerie to turn him on. Turned on, he will take it off. Am I the only one who sees this as a pointless excercise? Lingerie, when sexy, is lacy, which itches the inner thighs leaving them pink and rashy=no sex. If not lacy, its nety. which shows off everything underneath. Is anyone dizzy from going around in circles?

See how much we complicate it?

Sex, as excitedly discussed as it maybe, is just another physical need. Just two people wanting a release. And its made out to be more. Much much more. It isnt.

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finding thyself said...

Quite agree with the last para! Aptly written.