Thursday, February 14, 2008

Show me some love

As a woman with boobs and brains, I can be excused for thinking i am attractive. And today, my self esteem is tickling my toes. I am not only feeling unattractive, I think i must resemble a troll, with BO, hairy underarms and a yeast infection. I mean, cmon, its the day when even lola-my next door neighbour with BO, hairy underarms, upper lip and legs and a yeast infection-gets a rose from some guy. I am imagining this guy is blind, and not faint hearted.

I mean all I am asking for is a bouquet of flowers (yes, red roses as cliche as they may be), candles, soft music, lots of mushy moments, chocolates and lots of foreplay. And i realise i lost most of my audience there. Especially with the last demand.

But guys, humour me. Make me feel special and loved. Tuck an inobidient strand behind my ear. Give my hand a squeeze. Kiss my eyes. Look into them. Hold me close. Hug me tight.Let me lean on your chest and listen to your heartbeat. Tickle my ear. Or my feet. Smile at me. Peck my neck. Talk about us. Listen to me. Stare. And smile. Smell nice. Tell me i smell nice. Dance with me. Serenade me. Make love to me. Cuddle me. Look out for me. Kiss me unexpectedly.

And then wake me up and tell me its over.


yourssarcastically said...

I had no idea! Keep it going!

finding thyself said...

One of those things that make up ur ID? ;)