Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wow, I have been away for long

There isnt much to explain my absence from the blogging world. Except laziness, perhaps. Or terrorism. Nah, not really.

For starters, let me say Happy New Year. And I am hoping with all my being that this year is nothing like the last. That I am a better person this year. I have my resolutions (which i shall not put here for reasons of secrecy and my inability to keep them) but I have wishes, for the whole world.

In 2009,

1) We will learn the value of a life. Human or not. Irrespective of religion, colour and race. Because no life deserved to be snuffed out to please your fucking ego.

2) We will bury the past. A past tainted by bad decisions, splattered with the blood of innocents and scarred by horrifying memories. A past that angers us today because we never got rid of the pain we created then.

3) We will not teach hate. Not to our children. We wont feed them propaganda fed to us by corrupt politicians and self-serving bastards.

4) We will be fair. Even if it means our ego takes a thrashing.

5) That we will not walk away when we know someone needs our help. We wont turn our back and justify it to ourselves. We will help with the money. But more importantly, we will give them the love.

Lets make 2009 the year we wake up.


Christopher Keve said...

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

Aamen. I wish we all start acting upon our resolutions & things will get better. All we need is optimism & the willingness to do the right things.

Thanks for sharing your point of view, its good to know that there are optimists around :)

Keep bloggging.