Monday, January 21, 2008

Who me? Couldnt be

I dont know if this is normal. Having my own blog makes me feel powerful. And I am lured by the lusty hope that some blogging zealot will visit my non-entity blog. That my textual emergencies are causing someone out there to change their intentions (about killing me maybe).

Usually, I protect my privacy as closely as my genitals. But, for some lost soul looking for a laugh in the middle of an eyelids-dropping workday, maybe I could provide you with some stimulation (of the mental sicko)

I am a woman and that automatically frees me from the duty of mentioning the number of candles on my birthday cake. For starters, I wont say anything actually. Except hello there, Thank You for dropping in.

1 comment:

ReadnRyte said...

Came in late...but I must say you have a whacked out,, sarcastic sense of humour...thats amusing and hilarious.

Keep writing so that you can keep stimulating my afternoons hehehehe.