Monday, October 18, 2010

What it is?

I am the curious sort. I want to know everything. Every gory detail of the story, every bit of the juicy gossip and every nervous twitch of the person involved. But, you know some feelings, actions, erm..i don’t know what they are called , like one word to describe these feelings. And i just cant nail it which ignite my curiosity all over again. So, I am going to put it out there in the universe to know if it’s even normal, these feelings.

1) When you think something is going to be heavy, there is this sort of mental preparation to pick it up. Like a carton or a door. So, you gather the force you think is necessary for the object. And when you do, you suddenly realize the object/door/carton is a lot less heavier/easier to open. That feeling that you used extra force. What it is?
2) When you stand on the top of a building, a really, really tall one and you look down, there is this feeling. A feeling that you are going to fall. What it is?
3) This one is probably called a rush. Or headiness. You know, that first time you kiss someone. The closed eyes, the small smile playing on your lips and then the kiss. A frission of pleasure when you do. A feeling of pleasure that might start somewhere in your lower back and sensations that you feel in your ears, a tickle in your stomach, a feeling that you never want this to stop. What it is? And don’t you dare say love.
4) When you are playing game, hide and seek, the fear, the knotting in the stomach when you know you can be caught. The dread, the anxiousness, the awareness that you might be found. That feeling when you are on the verge of being discovered, your cover (if any) blown to smithereens. You know it’s only a game. You know, when you get caught, nothing is really going to happen. But you still feel it. What it is?
5) When nails scratch a blackboard. When the tines of a fork are scraped with a spoon or a knife. What it is?

You know any other feelings I might have missed?


Dhaval said...

1) Feeling dumb
2) Adrenaline
3) Adrenaline
4) Adrenaline
5) Feeling sick

paritosh said...

what is the feeling when during the exams u plan out the entire time of what sort of activities would u do the moment the exmas are over and u are just so very eagerly waiting for the exams to get over to do that one thing ... and when u do have done that thing, u feel 'is that it? whats was the big deal ? what next !! ' and u start having the fear of 'what will come next' ?
and thats with everything in life ... just like a sine wave!