Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aww...yeah screw you

I am short temepered. I mean, I know that. But you know, people can be really annoying. So, here we go into another series of rants:

1) Cute name on facebook and things.
Now, seriously you may think you are a “cool cat” or “mast munna” or whatever the fuck you think is an apt adjective for you. But for fucks sake, stop using that on facebook. NOT CUTE. No really, it isn’t. I will just prefer you with your name. Actually, I don’t think I prefer you in any way.

2) People who go headfirst into baby-making
You have been married for one year. Sometimes you walk up to your better half in a club, flirting with them shamelessly till the lights come on and you realize that you will be leaving the club with someone you came to the club with. Other times, you stare at her blankly when she stands there fully-clothed. Your bedside flaunts her name in capital, font size 36, bold - gentle reminder of the name you are supposed to be saying in bed.
But, you are ok with having babies with her because you are married. Oh puhhhleeezzzeee. For everyone getting married, you are not doing those dizzying circles around the fire/ walking to the altar/ muttering acceptance so you can repopulate the earth. Invest in getting to know the person, its only nice to the person who is going to be popping mini-you into this world

3) Katrina Kaif
Because she is plain stupid. She cant act, speak decently or dance. Who even called her an actress? And while I am at it, Genelia, you aren’t cute, so stop trying.

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